Consumers are slowly warming themselves up to the idea of purchasing furniture online, but the fact remains that many furnishings are better purchased in-store. Ranging from a peace of mind to doorbuster prices, stores that sell furniture at brick and mortar locations are unlikely to die out anytime soon. There may be an increase in online shopping due to the desirable pricing, but here are 5 reasons shopping in-store is better:

You Can Touch And See The Products

Many online merchants spend a good deal of money on producing high definition photographs of their products. In the process, they also end up Photoshopping and erasing flaws that could be a deterrent to consumers when it comes time to purchase. Many people feel disappointed when their new end table isn’t the same size as advertised or the finish just looks cheap— nothing like the photos! Purchasing furniture in-store allows you to touch and inspect furniture before you plunk down the money.

Buy Furniture The Same Day

Most companies are decent in shipping their products when it comes to tight deadlines, but same-day shipping is virtually non-existent in today’s market. What if you need a new bed frame or a sofa today? Chances are, you don’t want to wait for a week for your purchase to arrive. Real estate agents that stage their properties for sale especially depend on getting their products in a timely manner.

Skip The Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are climbing higher and higher as online sales increase. What may seem like a convenient and savvy way to shop online can indeed become a nightmare when you see the exorbitant shipping charges. The couch that seemed like a fantastic deal may end up costing more when you tack on shipping costs than if you were to support your local furniture store.

Get Doorbuster Pricing

As many stores have a limited amount of space on their floors, you can get better pricing at the end of the season. Online stores are run from massive warehouses, but physical locations will need to clear stock out before the new shipment arrives. Doorbuster deals are constantly changing as stores want consumers to clear out older stock.

Prevent Shipping Damage

Most online stores ship via FedEx or UPS, but you have no control over their packing habits. It’s commonplace to receive damaged goods from furniture sellers online. Good companies will replace damaged parts, but if you’re having a problem with a couch, that’s virtually impossible. Physical furniture stores deliver to your house for a fee and they take responsibility for the products that are in transit. That’s a far cry from online sellers that don’t have the same rigorous standards.

Take advantage of the fantastic discounts and great prices you can find at your local furniture store. You may think that physical shopping is a thing of the past, but the reality is that it is still very much prevalent in today’s market. Physically shopping for new furniture is unlike any other experience!